Annex A. Science And Technology Objectives (STOs)
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

III.E.08. Aviation Integration into the Digitized Battlefield. Develop pilotage algorithms and platform integration concepts for application onboard Army aircraft to enable avionics integration into the digitized battlefield. Develop a software algorithm that derives flight path guidance information from digitized topographic and threat data, precision navigation data, near field sensed obstacle and wire data, and aircraft survivability equipment data. Provide highly accurate robust worldwide positioning through GPS enhancements, advanced navigation sensors, and digital data bases using advanced algorithms and integration concepts. Stringent performance levels are required to support precision navigation for advanced flight path guidance and situation awareness. Maximum utility of current GPS systems while conducting nap-of-the-earth flight and precision approach/ landing will be investigated. Precision Navigation, integrated with a high integrity digital terrain data base, provides the capability required to navigate in the digitized battlefield. By FY96, demonstrate flight path guidance based on digitized C2 information and realtime updates from onboard sensors. By FY97, demonstrate improved GPS vulnerability reduction methods such as satellite selection algorithms for NOE and Low Level operations, robust integrated navigation concepts, and improved signal acquisition technology. By FY98, demonstrate platform positioning accurate to 1-3 meters to enhance situation awareness in all environments (ECM, NOE). These errors include registration errors between the mapping data base and GPS positioning.

Supports: Digitization of the Battlefield, Battlespace C2, NAV WARFARE ACTD, Precision Strike, RPA, Comanche, PEO Aviation, PEO CCS PEO IEW, PM AEC, PM GPS, PM ATC, Advanced Capabilities and System Upgrades for Soldier, Ground and Air Vehicles, Comanche.

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