Annex A. Science And Technology Objectives (STOs)
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

III.E.06. Battlespace Command and Control (BC2) ATD. The STO objectives are to demonstrate, through simulation and experimentation with the user, a Command and Control and Battlefield Visualization (BV) commander/staff workstation to support Consistent Battlespace Understanding; Forecasting, Planning and Resource Allocation; and Integrated Force Management for the Commander and Staff. The BC2-ATD will develop and model the architectural basis for information transfer to/from higher/lower echelons including interfaces to Joint and Coalition forces to support worldwide, split-based military operations. BC2-ATD will utilize the concepts and results of Staff XXI simulations (Prairie Warrior, etc.) to establish and reline systems requirements for C2 and information visualization and its supporting systems architecture. Alternative technology-based solutions will be evaluated through modeling and simulation. BC2 uses knowledge-based technologies (advanced decision aids, 3D visualization, distributed and shared databases, etc.) to provide faster, more accurate, and more tailorable battlespace information for commanders to assess combat situations. The objectives are to provide software applications on ABCS Systems (MCS/FBCB2) and Systems/Operational Architectures which will reduce reaction/decision times, reduce the time from mission to order preparation, and increase the number of combat options evaluated. Demonstrations focus on multi-echelon (Battalion through Division) Commander’s and Staff’s C2/BV needs within a command post environment (BCV, C2V, TOCs, etc.) as defined by Battlelabs (BCBL, MMBL, and DBBL). BC2 will conduct prototype demonstrations integrated into the system architecture of the various host experiments. By FY98, BC2 will demonstrate an initial C2/BV product containing database and decision aids. In addition, BC2 will provide the C2/BV applications to the Rapid Battlefield Visualization ACTD. In FY99, BC2 will demonstrate prototype Commander’s/Staff’s visualization, planning, and rehearsal aids within a command post environment. In FY00, BC2 will demonstrate an enhanced version of the Commander’s/Staff’s C2/BV Software Tool Set resident on COTS hardware, which will utilized advanced decision aids, battlefield visualization products, and advanced database technologies showing interoperability with allied assets.

Supports: Digitized Battlefield, ABCS, Force XXI, Intel XXI, Battlefield Visualization, Div XXI, Staff XXI, BCV/C2V, Rapid Battlefield Visualization ACTD, Battlefield Awareness Data Dissemination ACTD.

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