Annex A. Science And Technology Objectives (STOs)
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

III.E.04. Improved Spectrum Efficiency Modeling and Simulation (ISEMS). The STO will focus efforts in support of the Army Enterprise Vision of Winning the Information War and Digitization of the Battlefield. Key to this challenge will be the development of an enhanced communication modeling and simulation environment that provides real time, flexible, DIS compatible, and cost effective capabilities for resolving complex operational problems while ensuring that the synthetic environments reflect the same communications effects that are realized in the live environment. The emphasis will be on real time descriptions of environment phenomena for applications to modeling of dynamic network and communication system performance management, communication equipment characteristics, communications realism and propagation reliability algorithms, spectrum use efficiency, and frequency management techniques. Taguchi design of experiment techniques will be used to reduce the simulation times and improve confidence in results. In FY95, the goal will be to complete development of algorithms used in burst propagation models to support comm realism for M&S products. In FY96, the goal is to produce prototype software and conduct laboratory experiments to develop a functional specification for a high-capacity trunk radio needed to support radio access point requirements and to provide greater capacity for the Army Common User System. By FY97, produce an integrated network model capable of analyzing communications system capacity and performance in support of future global deployment of communication technology. ISEMS will transition key technologies to CAC2, DBC, and other ATDs, including definitions of the dynamic tactical environment and techniques for optimizing large-scale simulations.

*S&TCD Funded, C2SID Executed

Supports: CAC2, Digital Battlefield Communications, BDSD, A2, JTF Communications Planning & Management System (JCPMS), ISYSCON, MSE and Winning the Information War.

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