Annex A. Science And Technology Objectives (STOs)
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

III.E.11. Army Communications Integration and Cosite Mitigation (CICM). The objective of this STO is to reduce the size, weight, power and cosite interference problems that occur when multiple radios in either the same or dissimilar frequency bands are integrated within a communications system. The physical space constraints of mobile platforms cause these problems to be even worse. These mobile platforms also have limited locations where antennas can be mounted, further increasing the RFI problems. Target Army platforms include the Command and Control Vehicle (C2V), the Battle Command Vehicle (BCV), the Common Ground Station (CGS), and future systems utilizing the multi-band/waveform Future Digital Radio (FDR). Technology from ongoing developments will be coupled with new efforts to address the problem within the continuous frequency band from 2 Mhz to 2 Ghz while also attacking the cosite interference in the HF, VHF, and UHF bands. Development efforts include VHF and UHF multi-port antenna multiplexers, ancillary cosite mitigation devices, and wideband linear power amplifiers. An initial demonstration will be conducted with SPEAKeasy in a C2V configuration in FY98. Evaluation of an advanced prototype 5-port VHF multiplexer will be completed in FY99. Development of a UHF multiplexer, VHF and UHF wideband power amplifiers, and ancillary cosite mitigation devices/techniques will be completed in FY00. Wideband and multiband antennas developed under the CECOM Antenna STO will also be utilized. Additionally, a multiband communications system will be integrated within a typical Army SICPS shelter mounted on a HMMWV and tests performed to evaluate the resultant performance and enhancements. This testbed shall be exercised throughout the FY99-FY01 period, for evaluation of the individually developed items. A final field demonstration and evaluation of all the developed items, plus the MBMMR/FDR and STO antennas, shall be performed in late FY01. These efforts are considered a natural extension of the size reduction and waveform reconfigurability goals of the Joint SPEAKeasy Multiband Multimode Radio (MBMMR) program.

Supports: All mobile communications systems, i.e., C2V, BCV, CGS, RAP, FDR.

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