Annex A. Science And Technology Objectives (STOs)
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

III.E.01. Joint Speakeasy—Multiband Multimode Radio (MBMMR). Joint Service R&D program to develop the architecture and technology for the objective MBMMR of the future, meeting the requirements of the Army MNS for the Future Digital Radio (FDR). The Phase I SPEAKeasy ADMs proved the feasibility of a programmable MBMMR. Phase II of the SPEAKeasy program was initiated in June 1995 and will develop the final MBMMR "open system architecture" and Advanced Development Models (ADMs), providing a software reprogrammable, simultaneous, 4-channel, multi-band, multi-waveform capability. The reprogrammability will allow rapid change-over of waveforms, frequency bands (2-2000 Mhz), internetworking protocols (cross-channel), voice/data modes, and INFOSEC algorithms (4-channel).

In FY97, two model-1 ADMs will be fabricated and demonstrated during the TF-XXI AWE. In FY98, three model-2 ADMs will be fabricated and integrated into an Army C2V vehicle for participation in a C2V communications field demonstration. Six full capability ADMs will be delivered in FY99 for demonstration in the DBC/RAP ATD. Waveforms to be implemented include SINCGARS SIP, EPLRS VHSIC, UHF SATCOM DAMA, Rocket Data Waveform, HaveQuick I/II, LPI, T1, GPS, cellular phone, and HF SSB, AME, ALE, serial modem, and hopping-AJ. The NTDR data waveform will be implemented, when available. 4-channel internetworking will also provide compatibility with TMG and INC. The "open system architecture" will be industry releasable, modular by function, and facilitate a large reduction in future ILS life cycle costs. In order to facilitate easy insertion of the SPEAKeasy MBMMR into current communications systems, the Model 2 and 3 ADM physical form-factors shall conform to the present vehicular SINCGARS SIP volume and mounting footprint. Results of this effort will transition to PEO-C3S in the FY99/00 timeframe.

Supports: All emerging C3 architectures for "Digitizing the Battlefield." The MBMMR shall be demonstrated during TF-XXI in FY97, a C2V demonstration in FY98, and the DBC/RAP ATD in the FY99 timeframe. Speakeasy architecture and technology will lead to the follow-on development and production of the FDR.

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