Annex A. Science And Technology Objectives (STOs)
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

III.D.22p. On-Board Integrated Diagnostic System (OBIDS). By FY04, demonstrate advanced diagnostics and prognostics on an operational helicopter with a high level of on-board systems integration to interface with the maintenance infrastructure. This program will highlight cost benefits and safety improvements. Systems assessments will include operational issues, training requirements, and return on investment as well as expected maintainability and availability improvements. By FY00, initiate development contract. During FY01, complete preliminary and critical design reviews. In FY02, conduct aircraft modifications. In FY03, conduct safety of flight reviews, flight tests, and extended user operations. In FY04, reconfigure aircraft and issue final report. Key technologies will include failure detection, fault isolation and trending, performance and life use monitoring, condition-based maintenance and prognostic methods. Related DoD initiatives include AI software, acoustic sensing, electronic devices, and human-system interface. The improved diagnostics will affect No evidence of Failure (NEOF) removals, false removals, flight mission aborts, flight safety, maintenance downtime, and availability. Logistics will be affected through spare management, engine R&R rates, soft Time Between Overhaul (TBO)/part life extension, and early corrosion and fatigue detection. A combination of DoD S&T, IR&D and commercial (NDI) technologies and products will be integrated for this technology demonstration.

Supports reduced maintenance logistics requirements by 15 percent or greater, contributing directly to Rotary-Wing Vehicle TDA goal of 50 percent reduction in maintenance costs/flight-hour and payoffs of 20 percent improvements in maintainability, 45 percent increase in realiability, and 10 percent reduction in O&S costs.

Supports: AH-64, UH-60, RAH-66 upgrades; ICH and JTR developments; other service and civil rotorcraft fleet.

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