Annex A. Science And Technology Objectives (STOs)
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

III.D.18. Subsystem Technology for Affordability and Supportability (STAS). Demonstrate subsystems technologies directly affecting the affordability and supportability of Army Aviation. Addresses technical barriers associated with advanced, digitized maintenance concepts and real-time, onboard integrated diagnostics. The effort supports the advanced maintenance concept of "Digitized Aviation Logistics" to automate maintenance and move toward an integrated, digitized, maintenance information network. The expected benefits from this STO are reductions in Mean Time to Repair (MTTR), No Evidence of Failure (NEOF) removals, and spare parts consumption, resulting in overall reductions in system life cycle cost and enhanced mission effectiveness. Pursuits include onboard as well as ground-based hardware and software concepts designed to assist the maintainer in diagnosing system faults and recording and analyzing maintenance data and information. On-aircraft technologies will include advanced diagnostic sensors, signal processing algorithms, high density storage, and intelligent decision aids. Ship-side diagnostic and maintenance actions will integrate laptop and body-worn electronic aids, advanced displays, knowledge-based software systems, personal viewing devices, voice recognition technologies, and tele-maintenance network. By FY98, demonstrate seeded fault validation testing. By FY99, demonstrate Fuzzy Logic Fault Isolation technique aid. By FY00, demonstrate dynamic component fault detectors and virtual maintenance tool. Supports reduced Meantime to Repair (MTTR) across all systems by 15 percent, contributing directly to the rotary-wing vehicle TDA goal of 25 percent reduction in maintenance costs per flight hour and payoffs of 10 percent improvement in maintainability, 20 percent increase in reliability, and 5 percent reduction in O&S costs.

Supports: AH-64, UH-60, RAH-66 upgrades; ICH and JTR developments; other service and civil rotorcraft fleet.

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