The DoD Science and Technology program is divided into three areas, each designed to bring technology to various stages of maturity. The Basic Research (6.1) program exploits and identifies technological opportunities and provides an important interface with university and industry research. The Applied Research (6.2) program matures technology opportunities and evaluates technical feasibility for increased war-fighting capability. The non system-specific Advanced Technology Development (6.3) program demonstrates technologies to speed the transition of matured technology into the system-specific Demonstration/Validation (6.4) program or directly into Engineering and Manufacturing Development (EMD) (6.5).

The Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP) is the Army's strategic plan for the science and technology program; it consists of two volumes.

Volume I has these seven chapters:
I. Strategy and Overview
II. Science and Technology Integration With Army XXI Requirements Determination
III. Technology Transition
IV. Technology Development
V. Basic Research
VI. Infrastructure
VII. Technology Transfer

Volume II contains annexes that, when combined with the Budget, Program Objective Memorandum (POM), and the Department of the Army Research, Development and Acquisition Plan, constitute the action plan for achieving the Volume I program.

Volume II contains the following annexes:

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