101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) Gold Book

APP 5 - De-rigging Operations

ELEMENT: Brigade/battalion task force.

TASK: Conduct de-rigging operations on a heavy LZ.

CONDITIONS: Given an unsecured heavy LZ with vehicles configured for shotgun load on a CH-47 and a minimum of a 3 man crew.

STANDARDS: Within 2 minutes of vehicle crew exiting the CH-47, both vehicles will be

moving, with antennas up and automatic weapon mounted (if applicable). De-rigging is done in

silence. No banging, rattling or other noise can be heard outside of 30ft of the touchdown point.


  1. Section exits the aircraft and moves immediately to their vehicles.
  2. Section posts security.
  3. Section removes CGU straps from the front and rear of the vehicles.
  4. Section removes front sling legs from one of the vehicles.
  5. Section removes rear sling legs from the other vehicle.
  6. Crew unties steering wheel and hand brake.
  7. Crew mounts antenna.*
  8. Crew unsecures ring mount hatch cover.*
  9. Crew mounts automatic weapon.*
  10. Section begins movement to vehicle rally point/ assembly area.

*if applicable to vehicle.