101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) Gold Book

APP 2 - Light PZ Set-up

ELEMENT: Brigade/battalion task force.

TASK: Execute PZ C2 for a bde/bn air assault.

CONDITIONS: The bde/bn has been assigned a mission that involves deploying from a PZ, by helicopters.


1. The unit plans and executes an air assault.

2.The unit establishes communication between the heavy PZ, light PZ and PZ control two hours prior to the start of the air assault.

3. The unit sustains no communication problems between PZs, units and the C2 bird.

4. The unit is able to react to any frustrated loads or incidents on the PZ throughout the mission.


1. In addition to standard planning, the unit addresses the following items during the air mission brief:

a. Communication card with frequencies.

b. Locations of PZ controls.

c. Signal/markings of PZ control.

d. Security of PZ Control (INF PLT).

e. Bump plan.

2. Establish bde/bn PZ Control.

a. Emplace for best C2 and over-watch of PZ operations.

b. Establish positive communication with AATFC, AMC and serial leads.

c. Bde XO is OIC but depending on the mission, he may leave on the last serial, last lift.

d. Bde PZ control sets up PZ update tent.

e. Stage spares, C2 and MEDEVAC/CASEVAC aircraft near bde/bn PZ control.

f. Designate location for storage of seats of aircraft for seats-out operation with AVN BN.

g. Conduct a COMMEX with all nets, vehicles, and aircraft. Include in execution matrix.

h. Conduct conditions check as per the Division Gold Book.

i. Conduct a rehearsal of the bump plan.

  1. 3. For the duties and roles of key personnel for operations in a PZ use the Division Gold Book.

4. The communication flow chart in the Gold Book will be utilized.

5. The following diagram depicts the concept for a multiple bn air assault:










6. The following diagram depicts a concept for a bde PZ control:




1. Training module PZ control.

a. PZ recon (crawl): First we must ensure the conditions are set to execute PZ operations. The first step in setting the conditions is to do a PZ recon of the proposed PZ location. The purpose of the recon is to get all those involved in the PZ operation to come out with guidance and direction on their part of the PZ mission. All discussion and issues will focus on the following topics:

1. Unit/OIC for each PZ.

2. Location and set up of each PZ.

3. Marking procedures.

4. Bump Plan.

5. Rehearsals.

6. Communications.

* The participants include and are not limited to: Unit S3 Airs, all AVN unit LNOs involved, PZ OICs, and the main effort unitís S3 (for his objectives while on the PZ).

b. PZ Rehearsal (walk): Next comes the PZ Rehearsal, with the intent to have all the personnel involved in running the PZís providing input and suggestions on the execution. Everything will be rehearsed, from the setting up of the PZ to the clearing of the PZ. Discussion will be centered on the following topics:

1. Actions for bump plan.

2. Communications.

3. PZ update brief.

4. Staging.

5. PZ hit times.

6. Aircraft arrival.

7. Hooker and CAT teams.

* All those involved in the PZ operation will be at the rehearsal.


c. PZ control of the AASLT (run): The PZ location (determined from the recon) will be staged and the unit postured according to the times put out on the AMB and on the execution checklist. All actions that were rehearsed (from the setup to the clearing of the PZ) will be executed. The goal is to have the unit get lifted into their respective LZ with all equipment and personnel necessary to accomplish the unitís mission. Total time depends on the size of the element and the number of aircraft used on the mission.

d. Land: As part of your PZ recon chose an area that will accommodate the equipment, personnel and aircraft needed to accomplish the mission. Also determine a location for the PZ Controls where you can best command and control.

e. Ammo: No ammo required.

f. Miscellaneous supplies: PZ Controls will need 15x orange/red chemlights, 3x VS-17 panels and approximately 15 feet of 550 cord.

g. Aircraft: The number of aircraft is mission dependent. However, we must allow enough space for the helicopters that will be used: 75 meters between UH-60s and 150 between CH-47s with both aircraft at least 30 meters (rotor blade) from the wood-line.