101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) Gold Book

APP 1 - PZ Command and Control

ELEMENT: Brigade/battalion task force.

TASK: Set up and execute a battalion light pick-up zone.

CONDITIONS: Given an AMB, marking equipment, an FLA, an M998 with commo platform, PAX, and equipment required for air assault.


1. The unit stages IAW Gold Book.

2. Accountability of all personnel and equipment maintained.

3. All PAX load aircraft within 2 minutes.

4. All loads picked up within 10 minutes.

5. Complete the air assault PZ clean.


SUBTASK 1: Set up the PZ IAW the Gold Book.

1. PZ control overlooks entire PZ and is marked.

2. FLA is present at PZ control.

3. Inverted Y and TD points marked and visible from the air.

4. PZ security established and has commo with PZ CO.

5. PZ CO has commo with guides and CATs.

6. TD points are 60m (minimum) apart.

7. Conducted bump plan rehearsal.

SUBTASK 2: .Stage personnel IAW the Gold Book.

1. PZ CO conducts a chalk leader brief that orients all chalks.

2. PAX staged in woodline.

3. Chalk staging points marked (day/night).

4. Soldiers flying with a load staged with load.

5. Guides stage chalks and notify them the A/C are inbound.

6. Chalk leaders turn manifest into PZCO with name, rank, SSN, and blood type.

SUBTASK 3: Stage loads IAW the Gold Book.

1. Vehicles are weighed at entry point.

2. Loads positioned so that aircraft can touchdown 30m to the left rear of the load.

3. Loads are guided into position.

4. Loads are rigged with DA Form 7382 properly filled out (3 copies).

SUBTASK 4: Conduct cold load training.

CONDITIONS: Given aircraft, with seats in or out, and all personnel and equipment in the chalk.

STANDARDS: All soldiers understand how to react to an emergency situation, can load the aircraft within 2:00 minutes, and unload the aircraft within 30 seconds.

1. Chalk leader designates a responsible soldier to open/close the door of the aircraft.

2. Chalk leader designates a soldier to do the final equipment check.

3. Chalk receives the crew chief briefing including reaction to emergencies.

4. Chalk reviews in-flight hand and arm signals.

5. Chalk leader assigns seating and familiarizes chalk with seatbelts (if applicable).

6. RTO plugs external antenna wire into his SINCGARS.

7. Chalk conducts load training to the 2:00 standard.

8. Chalk conducts exit training to the 30 second standard.

  1. 9. Upon exit of the aircraft, soldiers move directly to the woodline.

10. Chalk leader is knowledgeable in operating the ICS box; can talk to the crew and transmit/receive a message on one of the pre-loaded frequencies.


SUBTASK 5: Load Personnel and equipment on to aircraft.

CONDITIONS: Given AASLT TF and a secured PZ.

1. PAX load the aircraft in 2 minutes.

2. Hooker teams mark loads with red chemlights.

3. Aircraft pick up personnel with loads and complete hook-ups in 10 minutes.

4. PZCO executes the bump plan without falling behind the times planned in the AMT.

5. PZCO makes all calls required by the execution checklist.

6. Swinging chemlights used for far recognition of aircraft.

7. There are no extraneous lights on the PZ.

8. The unit maintains accountability of all personnel and equipment on the PZ.

9. Personnel remain in the proper uniform at all times.

10. Key leaders have their RTOs plug radios into the aircraft antenna to monitor nets as required.

*If the PZ is forward of friendly lines or part of an extraction the following standards apply:

11. M-TETT determines the security plan.

12. The security collapses as the aircraft approach and board the last aircraft