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World Military Expenditures and Arms Transfers 1999-2000

U.S. Department of State, Washington, DC, October 2001

Brief Highlights (173kb)

Country Rankings: 1999 (69kb)

Table I. Military Expenditures, Armed Forces, GNP, CGE, Population, and Their Ratios, By Group and Country, 1989-1999 (241kb)

Table II. Value of Arms Transfer Deliveries and Total Trade, 1989-1999, by Region, Organization, and Country (214kb)

Table III. Value of Arms Transfer Deliveries, Cumulative, 1997-1999, by Major Supplier and Recipient Country (87kb)

Table IV. Value of Arms Transfer Deliveries and Agreements, 1989-1999, by Major Supplier and Recipient Region (102kb)

Table V. Number of Major Weapons Delivered to Regions and Groups, by Supplier and Weapon Type, Cumulative by Period, 1988-1999 (120kb)

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