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National Performance Review

Report on
Reinventing the Department of Defense
September 1996

  • Travel Reinvention. The National Security Agency (NSA) travel system was reinvented to provide customers with "best-in-class" service which exceeds their expectations, at an absolute minimum cost to the government. The reinvention team used the tools, techniques and methods identified in Business Process Reengineering. The team benchmarked with government and industry best practices and identified the technology necessary to implement the new process which is in progress.

  • Support to the Combat Operator (GRANDSLAM). NSA staff examined, documented and improved the US SIGINT System's (USSS) capabilities to provide real time information to the combat operator. The reinvention lab conducted a major test in February 1994 which measured the effectiveness of the USSS to support several specific combat missions. during the testing, reinvention lab members worked directly with pilots, aircrews, and other combat operators to develop detailed information requirements profiles for each mission being evaluated. These profiles allowed the operational military to determine to what extent SIGINT information enhanced overall combat effectiveness. NSA received a Hammer Award for this initiative.

  • Installations and Logistics Organization. An effort was undertaken to challenge the traditional ways the I&L organization delivers the many goods and services in support of NSA. Principal among these are safe and environmentally sound facilities (both government owned and leased), facilities maintenance services, supply systems (both stockroom and supply), and support services (mail, travel, transportation, custodial, facilities modifications, material distribution, warehousing and delivery of classified materials). The lab examines the rules and regulations that govern the way business is conducted and modifies or seeks waivers for those rules which reduce the ability to provide timely, quality service. NSA won the 1995 US Senate Productivity Award for Maryland in the public sector category and also won the Hammer Award for this initiative.

  • Super Highway Access to Resources and Knowledge (SHARK). This initiative focuses on access for individuals with disabilities key to NSA missions; partnerships within NSA and with government, industry, and universities to build new technologies and business role models; and outreach to elementary schools, across government and across business communities to share technologies and NSA role models. A major goal is to incentivize public and private sector organizations in offering innovative computer assistive technologies to help employees with disabilities join the national information infrastructure and overcome many barriers. NSA was featured at the Baltimore-Washington Corridor Chamber of Commerce Business and Trade Show in April for this initiative.

  • Reinvention Laboratory for SIGINT Reporting. This laboratory works with NSA consumers and producers to identify ways to enhance SIGINT reporting styles, content and dissemination methods. Using various test vehicles, the lab will: serve as a proving ground for new methods, gather feedback, and establish procedures for implementation by reporting units. This effort focuses on true multimedia (as opposed to multiple media) presentations of information and the tailoring of reporting vehicles to the needs of a full range of national, departmental, command and tactical consumers.

(DFSC), instead of through GSA (eliminating a 14% surcharge).