Budget of the United States Government

Fiscal Year 2000

Historical Tables in spreadsheet format

This compilation includes only those tables that contain national security related data, and is available only in XLS format. For other tables not included here, as well as all tables in WK4 format, see the original source.
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Historical tables as downloadable spreadsheets are available for the following categories:

Section 1--Overview of Federal Government Finances

Section 2--Composition of Federal Government Receipts

Section 3--Federal Government Outlays by Function

Section 4--Federal Government Outlays by Agency

Section 5--Budget Authority (On-and Off-Budget)

Section 6--Composition of Federal Government Outlays

Section 7--Federal Debt

Section 8--Outlays by Budget Enforcement Act Category

Section 9--Federal Government Outlays for Major Physical Capital, Research and Development, and Education and Training

Section 10--Gross Domestic Product and Implicit Outlay Deflators

Section 11--Federal Government Payments for Individuals

Section 12--Federal Grants To State and Local Governments

Section 13--Social Security and Medicare

Section 14--Federal Sector Transactions in the National Income and Product Accounts

Section 15--Total (Federal and State and Local) Government Finances

Section 16--Federal Health Spending

Section 17--Government Employment