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Index of Briefing Slides:

Defense Reform Initiative

William S. Cohen

Secretary of Defense

The briefing included Vice President Al Gore, Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen, Deputy Secretary of Defense John J. Hamre, Gen. Henry H. Shelton, chairman of the Joints Chief of Staff, and Vice Adm. Dennis Blair, director of the Joint Staff.

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  1. Defense Reform Initiative
  2. Defense Strategy
  3. Lessons from Business
  4. Defense Reform Initiative
  5. Re-engineer Business Practices (289 k)
  6. Consolidate organizations
  7. Compete Commercial Functions
  8. Eliminate Excess Infrastructure
  9. Defense Management Council
  10. Corporate Vision
  11. Slide for Gen. Shelton, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff
  12. Joint Vision 2010
  13. Slides for Dr. John Hamre, Deputy Secretary of Defense
  14. Business Strategy for Defense for the 21st Century
  15. Purpose of this Reform Initiative
  16. “Back to New Basics”
  17. Components of Reform
  18. Components of Reform - New Business Practices
  19. Electronic Operations
  20. Paper-free Contract Administration and Finance
  21. Photos of Current Paper Operation
  22. Internet Commerce
  23. Internet-based Publishing
  24. Adopt Best Business Practices
  25. Components of Reform
  26. Organizational Change
  27. Reshape OSD to Meet New Challenges
  28. Defense Management Council
  29. Shaping the Future - Threat Reduction
  30. World-class Education
  31. Enhanced Guard Role in DOMS Command Center
  32. Organizational Reform
  33. Policy Secretariat
  34. Acquisition &Technology Secretariat
  35. Comptroller/CFO Secretariat
  36. P&R Secretariat
  37. C3I Secretariat
  38. DoD field and related activities & Defense Agencies
  39. Components of Reform
  40. Competition
  41. Next Steps
  42. Components of Reform
  43. Eliminate Unnecessary Infrastructure
  44. Immediate Tasks for Management Council
  45. Slides for Vice Adm. Dennis Blair, Director of the Joint Staff
  46. Joint Staff Manning
  47. Chairman’s Controlled Activities
  48. Chairman’s Controlled Activities
  49. Unified Command Manning
  50. Slides for Dr. John Hamre, Deputy Secretary of Defense
  51. Conclusion

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