Budget Options for National Defense Section 6 of 6
March 2000


Contributors to This Volume

The following Congressional Budget Office analysts prepared cost estimates for or wrote the options that appear in this volume:
Michael Aguilar Facilities investments
Russell Beland Department of Defense schools
John J. Cadigan Housing, unemployment compensation
Kent R. Christensen Base closures
Anne M. DePree Facilities investments
Richard L. Fernandez Pay and bonuses
Geoffrey E. Forden Strategic systems, satellites and other space systems, atomic energy defense activities
Raymond J. Hall Strategic systems, ships, space programs, atomic energy defense activities
Sarah T. Jennings Officer personnel, military child care
Gregory T. Kiley Equipment maintenance
Eric J. Labs Ships, unmanned aerial vehicles and other reconnaissance systems
Matthew A. Martin Military construction, operation and maintenance
David E. Mosher Strategic systems, national and theater missile defenses, atomic energy defense activities
Sam Papenfuss Military health care
Lane Pierrot Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps aircraft
Dawn A. Sauter Military personnel
Marvin M. Smith Officer personnel
Rachel Schmidt Military health care
Jo Ann Vines Army and Air Force weapons and forces
Laurinda L. Zeman Army weapons and forces

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