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Electric Boat

Electric Boat, a subsidiary of General Dynamics, designs and builds nuclear submarines for the US Navy. Current contracts include the design of the New Attack Submarine (NSSN), and for construction of the last two Seawolf class attack submarines. Electric Boat entered into a Team Agreement with Newport News Shipbuilding and Drydock Company, providing that Electric Boat will be the prime contractor on construction contracts for the NSSN. In addition, Electric Boat performs a broad range of engineering work including advanced research and technology development, systems and component design evaluation, prototype development and logistics support to the operating fleet. Electric Boat also serves as ship integrator for certain components and subassemblies of the submarines, such as electronic equipment.

At the height of the Cold War Electric Boat had as many as 25,000 workers building as many as 15 nuclear-powered submarines at a time. Currently about 7,500 workers are employed at Electric Boat, where there are more engineers and designers than laborers.

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