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New York Ship Building

New York Ship Building Corporation, also known as the New York Shipyards, was located in Camden NJ, across the Delaware River from downtown Philadelphia. This south New Jersey facility closed in 1967. The USS Kitty Hawk, launched in 1961, was one of the last major shipbuilding projects at the yard. Construction of the SSN-647 Pogy began at Camden, though in January 1968 the boat was towed to the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard for completion, following the cancellation of the contract with New York Shipbuilding on 05 June 1967.

Camden City, located in the southwestern section of New Jersey, is the seventh largest City in the state. The nearby Audubon Park community was created for New York Shipyard employees in 1941. Camden was once self-sufficient, a thriving metropolis turning out battleships during World War II from the New York Shipyard that employed thousands in the city. Campbell Soup and RCA Victor were there, too. But the shipyard closed; RCA merged, diversified and eventually sold out; and Campbell has closed the plant where it once made soup. Camden is faced with a dwindling tax base and a dearth of industry and commerce.

Despite Camden's socio-economic decline, the City's strategic location offers hope that this trend may be reversed. Located directly across the Delaware River from Philadelphia, Camden has easy access to many different forms of transportation. Camden has access to the international market through the City's ports which rank among the nation's leaders in the shipment of bulk cargo.

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