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The Boeing Company has evolved into the world's largest producer of commercial aircraft as well as a prime defense and aerospace contractor. The company's defense-related research and development activities include guided missile programs, ICBMs, bomber aircraft, military transport aircraft, and space and lunar vehicles.

Founded by a Seattle timberman in 1916, The Boeing Company has continued to expand its defense contractor role as it evolved from a small plane producer in World War I to providing bombers and transport aircraft to Allied air forces in World War II. Boeing made its greatest expansion in the aftermath of World War II with its involvement in the missile and space programs. Its research and innovation into bombers, missiles and delivery systems made it an integral part of U.S. strategic development during the Cold War. In the post-Cold War period, Boeing continues to explore and manufacture aircraft, missiles, and space and lunar vehicles.


The first acquisition made by Boeing was its 1960 purchase of the helicopter manufacturing Vertol Corporation of Philadelphia. Boeing expanded its defense production by becoming a key supplier of helicopters during the Vietnam War. In recent years the Boeing Company's growth has been substantially augmented by major mergers. On December 5, 1996, The Boeing Company and Rockwell Aerospace and Defense announced a merger. Rockwell was renamed Boeing North American, Inc., and made a subsidiary of The Boeing Company. Less than two weeks after the Boeing/Rockwell disclosure Boeing announced a $13.3 billion merger with rival McDonnell Douglas Corporation. The deal was approved on July 1, 1997 by the Federal Trade Commission, making the merged company the largest integrated aerospace company in the world.


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