Planned Gifting

Founded in 1945 by scientists who created the first atomic bombs, FAS is the longest-serving organization committed to reducing the dangers posed by nuclear weapons. We are very proud of our success as an organization in helping to establish civilian oversight of the U.S. nuclear arsenal and later becoming a world leader in educating people on the threats posed by nuclear weapons and other weapons that may threaten their security. Likewise, we are very grateful to our members and others who have supported our work over the years.

Today, your support is as important as ever. As we continue to advocate for further reductions in global nuclear weapons stockpiles, we are also active in addressing dangers emerging from biological weapons, trade and trafficking of conventional arms, cyberwarfare, and other emerging technologies. In each area of our work, we maintain our commitments to demanding transparency by governments and to keeping the public informed through rigorous research and analysis.


Making a planned gift to FAS, either by including us in your estate plans or through gifts of stock, will enable you to support our mission and establish a legacy of commitment to peace and to the responsible use of science and technology. 


Please view the documents linked below for more information on how to make a planned gift to FAS.


For more information and guidance on ways to give, please contact Communications and Community Outreach Officer Allison Feldman at [email protected].