A message from the leadership of UNITA and its President, Dr. Jonas Malheiro Savimbi, to friends and supporters.

  1. The military developments in the past few days may have caused some confusion and concern amongst UNITA’s friends and supporters.
  2. We wish to re-assure them that we have the strength, firmness and determination to withstand the MPLA’s onslaught. Our leader is well and in good health. He sends his greetings and good wishes to you all.

  3. Angola is going through a difficult patch at the moment. The military alterations that happened during the last few days, in the theatre of operations of Bailundo and Andulo, "Which resulted in the withdrawal of our forces from these strategic positions" have led us to begin a new phase in our struggle.
  4. The MPLA regime and its allies have invested heavily in lethal land and aerial war materials and a programme of national and international campaign of misinformation and propaganda.
  5. The massive re-armament of the MPLA by the Russians with the collaboration of Portugal and Brazil; the supply of mercenaries from Israel, Russia, Ukraine, Portugal and Brazil and the exchange of military information with specialised agencies of some NATO countries, were the determining factors for the change in our strategy. Our strategy has the immediate objective of preserving our forces. We shall not be drawn into a war situation which would only serve to please the oil interests of some NATO countries.

  6. The military planes of Eduardo dos Santos’ regime, piloted by Russians and Brazilians have been over-flying the central highlands at very high altitudes to avoid our defences. They have been dropping lethal napalm, phosphorous, cluster chemicals and air-fuel- explosives bombs indiscriminately.
  7. This has resulted in the massacre of thousands of the civilian population and the destruction of the infra-structures and agricultural fields. Some villages in the central highlands are disappearing from the map, the survivors are seeking refuge in safe areas. We are witnessing a pre-meditated human disaster and genocide perpetuated by Eduardo dos Santos and his allies.

  8. For our friends and supporters, what is most important to note is that our forces are intact. They were not destroyed. We have lost neither men nor materials. Our will and determination are undiminished as usual.

From: The UNITA Office , Irish Republic.

Date: 28 October 1999.

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