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Collection Evaluation System [CES]

The NSA Collection Evaluation System [CES] is a software system that consolidates current and future collection management support efforts into a centralized architecture. Although many technological improvements have been made to the Collection Evaluation System since 1992, the DOD Inspector General recently concluded that NSA needs to continue improving management oversight and accountability for controlling unnecessary collection duplications.

The existing collection evaluation system has a feature that reports collection duplications. Duplicate assignments are flagged to remind collection managers to constantly assess the validity of the required duplication. Although NSA collection evaluation system captures and extracts data on unjustifiable duplications, the NSA has not used this information to establish automated oversight-control over wasteful collection duplication.

The NSA leaves it to the station collectors to clean up their own duplications. While automated system information could be made available for management oversight, the NSA has not established standardized or automated procedures for eliminating unnecessary duplications. Also, NSA has not devised corrective actions for eliminating the wasteful collection duplications. Consequently, the collection duplication portion of the NSA Collection Evaluation system is currently not operated in an effective or efficient manner.

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