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ACC Global Operations Center

Air Combat Commandís Global Operations Center is an integrated team of operations, intelligence, and logistics personnel who provide a broad range of U-2 and RC-135 reconnaissance solutions to customers around the world. From mission development and weather prediction to scheduling and logistics, the GOC directly supports theater commanders for global force projection. The GOC also plans and participates in flag and joint exercises, as well as provides battle management services for U.S. Strategic Command. The GOC has DoDís only 24 hour, worldwide watch solely dedicated to global reconnaissance operations.

The Global Operations Center was created by the commander of Strategic Air Command at Beale AFB in September 1991. Originally designated as Second Air Force, subsequent reorganizations brought the GOC under 12th Air Force and then Air Combat Command. The GOC traces its history to the Strategic Reconnaissance Center, conceived at Offutt AFB in May 1965. SRC was organized primarily to manage and oversee rapidly growing cold war reconnaissance operations.

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