KG-66/66A, KGR-66 (KUTA); KGV-68 (NOBLEMAN); KGR-68


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The KUTA family includes the KG-66/66A and KGR-66 devices and NOBLEMAN refers to the KGV-68. These devices, along with the KGR-68 and KGV-68B, are used to secure weapon systems, aircraft telemetry, and data link encryption applications at test ranges. Additionally, with prior National Security Agency (NSA) approval, KUTA/NOBLEMAN units can be used for remotely staffed and unstaffed, high-risk, data link encryption applications on a case-by-case basis.

KG-66/66A: Is a half-duplex, serial, synchronous, binary, digital key generator used to encrypt telemetry or digital data in air-to-ground communications links. The KG-66A is an upgraded, fully interoperable version of the KG-66.
KGR-66: Is a decryptor used in or with ground station receivers in telemetry systems. The KGR-66 consists of a communications security (COMSEC) assembly (KGV-66), which is removable from the HNF-66 housing unit. It is designed to be used in a fixed-plant environment. The KGR-66 (KUTA) nomenclature has been changed to KGR-68, which has no specific designator assigned to it. Each KGR-68 contains an embedded KGV-68 and has the same form, fit, and function as the KGR-66. Even though the nomenclature has been changed, for accountability purposes, the Navy Key Distribution System (NKDS) still reflects KGR-66s as well as KGR-68s in its inventory.
KGV-68: Is an embeddable, half-duplex COMSEC module capable of encrypting and decrypting serial, pulse-code modulation (PCM) data in airborne communications systems. It consists of a small, high-speed, lightweight, low-power, embeddable cryptographic 36-pin hybrid module. All inputs and outputs of the KGV-68 interface with Transistor-Transistor Logic (TTL) technology. The KGV-68 is no longer in production.
KGV-68B: Is a new embeddable Multi-Chip Module designed to satisfy stringent user size, weight, and power requirements for the next generation telemetry and special Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) applications. It is an upgrade of the KGV-68 with enhanced data rates in a surface-mounted, leaded flat pack, but does not have the same form, fit, and function as the KGV-68. It is intended to secure missile and aircraft telemetry and wideband data link encryption applications. The KGV-68B is scheduled for production 3QFY99.

The KUTA/NOBLEMAN family is interoperable with the KG-67, KG-135, and SO-66 (Mode B only), and accepts key via the AN/CYZ-10, KOI-18, KYK-13, or KYX-15A. It is certified to encrypt/decrypt up to SECRET; however, two devices can be used in an upgrade configuration to achieve a higher level of classification. KUTA/NOBLEMAN units are UNCLASSIFIED controlled cryptographic item (CCI) when unkeyed. When keyed, their classification equals that of the key installed.


Physical Characteristics
Equipment Height (in) Width (in) Depth (in) Weight Data Rate
KG-66/66A 1.5 3.0 3.75 12.46 oz 10 Kbps to 10 Mbps
KGR-66 3.5 19.0 18.0 15.00 lb 10 Kbps to 10 Mbps
KGR-68 3.5 19.0 9.0 15.00 lb 10 Kbps to 10 Mbps
KGV-68 2.0 1.0 .25 .86 oz 50 bps to 10 Mbps
KGV-68B 1.0 1.0 .125 .50 oz 0 to 50 Mbps

Power:Operating Voltage: 105 to 132 Vac
Operating Frequency: 55 to 440 Hz
Wattage: 20 W (maximum)
Environment:Operating Temperature: 0°C to 50°C
Nonoperating Temperature: -55°C to 85°C
MTBF:27,000 hours at 50C
Power: Operational: 700 mW (maximum) at 5.2 Vdc @ 50 Mbps
Standby: 3.4 mW (maximum) at 6 Vdc battery
Environment:Weapons vehicles, MIL-H-38534, Class H
MTBF:28,500 hours for missile environment (95°C)
194,200 hours for missile environment (45°C)



  • Technical Manuals (TMs):
  • KG-66/66A: KAO-182 and KAM-471
    KGR-66: KAO-198 and KAM-437
    KGR-68: MAMM-553
  • Navy Training System Plan (NTSP):
  • Full Maintenance, Air Force
  • User Logistics Support Summary (ULSS):
  • To be determined


    Crypto Repair Facility (CRF)

    East Coast:  Contact CRF - Norfolk Naval Shipyard
             Commercial (757) 396-5395/6
             DSN 961-5395/6

    West Coast: Contact CRF - Naval Station San Diego
             Commercial (619) 556-6175/8, 1886
             DSN 526-6175/8, 1886


    SPAWARSYSCEN Charleston Acquisition: Code 752RD
    Commercial Telephone (843) 218-4461
    Defense Switched Network (DSN) 588-4461

    Navy Information Systems Security (INFOSEC)
    Technical Assistance Center 1 (800) 304-4636

    SPAWARSYSCOM Cryptographic Data Systems Manager: PMW 161-3C
    Commercial Telephone (619) 524-7886
    Defense Switching Network (DSN) 524-7886


    Non-ACAT;   commercial off the shelf (COTS) module


    Acquisition Agent: SPAWARSYSCEN Charleston Code 752
    • Teledyne Electronics Technologies: production KGV-68 and KGV-68B
    • Motorola: KG-66/66A and KGR-68
    • L-3 Communications Microcom: KGR-68 and KGR-68B


    KGR-66 - No Longer Produced (sufficient inventory)
    KGR-68 - No Longer Produced (sufficient inventory)
    KGR-68B - $8,984 - $9,983 (depends on quantity)
    KGV-68 - No Longer Produced
    KGV-68B - $450

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    SPAWAR Systems Center
    in Charleston, South Carolina, USA.
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