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FAS Project on Intelligence Reform

Timeline Analysis System (TAS)

The Timeline Analysis System (TAS) supports trend analysis, situation assessment, event prediction, CINC intelligence briefings, Indications and Warning, exercise generation/execution and current intelligence. -This DODIIS "Migration Tool" ensuring continued enhancement and proliferation. It is easily tailored to other user analytical domains [not hardwired], with operating environments including DEC/Ultrix, DEC/OSF, SUN OS, Solaris2.X, Sybase, and Motif. Future enhancements include Intelink access/data exchange, cross platform redesign (to run in PC and UNIX environments), real time expert system and analyst alert mechanism, machine learning of event patterns

TAS consists of the following tools:

TAS is the next generation of analytical tools that will significantly benefit the Medina Regional Sigint Operations Center (MRSOC) mission. In early 1996 TAS was installed at the MRSOC in San Antonio, TX for user evaluation. MRSOC analysts quickly learned how to use TAS and are very pleased with it's capabilities. Domain data from USSOUTHCOM was loaded onto the system with training being provided by Rome Laboratory, GTE, and USSOUTHCOM personnel. Since the MRSOC is a collection site for commands that already use TAS, remote data sharing between all TAS users will facilitate getting intelligence data to the people that need it.

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