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FAS Project on Intelligence Reform

Sentinel Byte

Sentinel Byte supports intelligence functions at the wing and squadron levels. Its capabilities include order of battle display and maintenance; Improved Many-on Many (IMOM) modeling for route threat analysis; Electronic Light Table (ELT) imagery manipulation; secret electronic mail, chatter, and banner communications; message generation; Defense Secure Network-1 (DSNET-1) communications; and word processing and graphics commercial off-the-shelf packages.

The Combat Intelligence Systems (CIS) Program is a combination of four related systems: Intelligence Correlation Module (ICM), Sentinel Byte, Constant Source, and Rapid Application of Air Power (RAAP). ICM and RAAP are integrated into CTAPS. Sentinel Byte and Constant Source are in turn integrated into ICM but are also installed as standalone, unit level, intelligence support systems.

Sources and Methods

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