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The RainDrop mensuration software is a new digital geocoordinate point mensuration system which is used as replacement to the NIMA DEWDROP government developed [GOTS] software, which was retired in 1999. The Digital Point Positioning Database (DPPDB), a stereo image based product developed by NIMA and introduced in the mid-1990s, consists of parametric support data, compressed reference graphics, and high resolution national imagery stereo pair sets covering a nominal 60 nautical mile (NM) by 60 NM area. It can be exploited on a stereo equipped digital imagery workstation using DEWDROP (NIMA-provided exploitation software) or RAINDROP and enables rapid readout of coordinates and associated accuracy.

The mission of the 20th Intelligence Squadron, located at Offutt AFB, Neb., is to provide prompt, precise intelligence, enabling warfighters to safely engage and achieve global objectives. The unit now serves theater, operational, tactical, airlift, joint service, Reserve and other Department of Defense customers worldwide. The Squadron's Production Flight combines the former target materials and combat applications flights and focuses on an entire line of intelligence products for its customers. The 20th Intelligence Squadron pioneered RainDrop, and as the recognized Air Force experts, Air Combat Command requested the 20th train personnel Air Force-wide. They conducted the first RainDrop training classes at Goodfellow AFB, Texas, and subsequently at military bases in Europe and the Pacific. The team measured 512 precise coordinates and updated more than 300 target folders vital to mission planning in support of Operation Southern Watch. The team's efforts had a critical impact on targeting operations during Operations Desert Fox and Joint Task Force Southern Watch.

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