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FAS Project on Intelligence Reform

Pacific Air Forces Interim National Exploitation System (PINES)

Pacific Air Forces Interim National Exploitation System (PINES) is one of nine IMINT ground and afloat stations within the Defense Airborne Reconnaissance Program (DARO) that have been developed or fielded independently and prior to the advent of CIGSS.

This system will migrate to the IESS standard by 1998, and subsequently converge to the ESS configuration by 2001. The Exploitation Support System (ESS) will be the community's common imagery exploitation support system. Both the National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA) Exploitation System (NES) and IESS will migrate to ESS by the end of FY01. Agency Program: The DoD is in the process of establishing a simplified baseline of the best, common information systems across the business functions of the Department. These migration systems represent a stage of process improvement designed at achieving a common set of automated processes and practices in DoD.

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