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FAS Project on Intelligence Reform

Personal Computer Integrated Imagery and Intelligence [PC-I3]

Continued dependence on TBMCS-I3 [Integrated Imagery and Intelligence ] UNIX servers at the unit-level created major system administration challenges that required Unix experienced system administrators. Continued delay in TBMCS I3 fielding due to the complex installation scheme required a massive redistribution of ACC Unix hardware and substantial base-level SIPRNET expansion. Unit-level user concerns included the requirement for highly experienced CIS/UNIX users, and the lack of resident applications.

The fielding of Air Combat Command's ACC PC-I3 [Personal Computer Integrated Imagery and Intelligence] at unit-level in ACC and ACC-gained units eliminates Unix systems at Unit-level. PC-I3 provides data query and transmission via SIPRNET using Broadsword. It meets unit-level needs, formalizes & standardizes current unit processes, and postures ACC to rapidly migrate to TBMCS I3 version 2.0. The PC-I3 initiative avoids significant unfunded TBMCS I3 fielding costs.

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