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FAS Project on Intelligence Reform

Naval Imagery Exploition Work Station (NIEWS)
Navy Imagery Enhanced Work Station (NIEWS)
NTCS-A Imagery Exploitation Workstation (NIEWS)

Imagery data is available to Carriers by systems such as Afloat Planning System (APS), Joint Surveillance Information Processing System (JSIPS), Tactical Aircraft Mission Planning System (TAMPS), Joint Deployable Intelligence Support System (JDISS), Tactical Aircraft Reconnaissance Photo System (TARPS), and Photo Imagery Enhancement System (PIES). The Mobile Integrated Command Facility (MICFAC) is a complete mobile command center designed to support Naval Component and Joint Task Force Commander in Joint Operations. It includes the Naval Imagery Exploition Work Station (NIEWS). As of mid-1996 the Naval Imagery Exploition Work Station was the only US Navy system available for imagery mensuration.

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