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Mapping, Chart, and Graphics Production System (MPS)

The NIMA Mapping, Chart, and Graphics Production System (MPS) is a DoDIIS migration system. The advent of civil remote-sensing satellites in the 1970's opened a new era in earth studies and in mapmaking. Unclassified data that could be manipulated for analytic and predictive purposes provided stimulus to the technology of geographic information systems, which in turn have entered the military as planning tools. Unclassified imagery of ever-increasing resolution is creating opportunities for both image-based maps and imagery as a metric foundation for controlling and storing information about battlespace.

NIMA is in the process of a major paradigm shift from a focus on paper products to one on digital information. This movement toward global geospatial information and services (GGIS) will revolutionize the use of earth information in warfare. NIMA will develop a customer-accessible database including point positioning capability, logically seamless terrain and feature data, and logically seamless background imagery from various sensors. It will be variable in resolution, containing worldwide coverage at some constant level of content, accuracy, and density, with integrated patches of higher resolution for selected areas and applications. It will be variable in type, containing vector, raster, gridded, and textual information. Data can be tiled out and packaged for transport with the force, or will be electronically disseminated for rapid updates.

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