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FAS Project on Intelligence Reform

Multi-Source Intelligence Tools (MINT)

The Multi-Source Intelligence Tools (MINT) is a development and integration activity that provides for an open, distributed, object oriented architecture with documented interfaces to MINT compatible services. The MINT distributed computing infrastructure, based on Orbix 2.0.1, provides imagery exploitation services to commercial electronic light tables (ELT). MINT provides exploitation services (image registration, mosaicing, change detection, file type conversion, mensuration, geopositioning); provides a framework to interconnect exploitation services; and demonstrates technologies for closer COTS/GOTS integration. The MINT program encapsulates and reuses modules, components, and algorithms developed by the legacy MATRIX and MET programs and integrates these objects into the MINT services in such a manner so as to be compliant with the specified MINT open architecture. The MINT program utilizes services available from COTS suppliers, from existing Government assets, or from other Government contractors. MINT is to be delivered in 1997.

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