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FAS Project on Intelligence Reform

Multi-Source Automatic Target Recognition Exploitation [MATRIX]

Multi-Source Automatic Target Recognition Exploitation [MATRIX] is an Electronic Light Table Software Package supporting multi-INT and multi-source exploitation for which GDE Systems Inc. is the systems integrator. This government funded activity provides multi-year support to the exploitation community with O & M managed by the Electronic Systems Center Customer Systems Support Center [ESC ICI ties into the program through the MATRIX Product Services SupportContract (MPSS)]. The MATRIX platform independent software baseline maximizes the use of COTS products and capabilities.

NIMA plans to evolve MATRIX to object request broker (ORB) framework, implement multisource intelligence tools (MINT), and develop new integration support approaches for USIS 2000. IMINT is transitioning MATRIX to a CORBA based GOTS tool kit. The result is a suite of user-selectable GOTS-unique CORBA-based tools and applications. NIMA plans to evolve from MATRIX to MINT with a transition strategy continuing to support MATRIX until the "TBRs" are resolved. Final MATRIX release is planned for mid FY 97, and the final version will be deployed at the user's discretion throughout the transition period. Effective January 1998, the MATRIX resources will fully transition to support integration of MINT with standards based COTS software applications. The new integration support concept is cost sharing between NIMA and the user sites for support or the integration sites.


Development of full Stereo capability of MATRIX as an application in the medical field to unify and Tripler Army Medical Center's collaborative capability to support medical beneficiaries.


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