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FAS Project on Intelligence Reform

Cryptologic Carry-On Program /
Advance Cryptologic Carry-on Exploitation System

The Cryptologic Carry-On Program (CCOP) is sponsored by R&D: DCP O&MN, OPN: CNO (N20). It provides carry-on cryptoplogic exploitation capability by augmenting existing SSES capabilities and providing capabilities where no SSES exists. CCOP supports FLTCINC cryptologic Electronic Support (ES) requirements for Naval and Joint Operation Including Counter-Drug operations. Its manning is provided by fleet DIRSUP Augmentees and it is staged at Fleet Electronic Support (FES) activities worldwide. The basic capabilities of CCOP include: Provides front-end sensor control through Local Monitor Station (LMS) MF through UHF frequency coverage Tactical surveillance, targeting and I&W Passive detection, classification, tracking, enemy intent at extended range Provides analysis tools to allow interpretation and reporting of the potential or known meaning of intercepted data Geographic plot and analysis Correlation and tracking Alerts Data Bases

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