SUBJECT: Modernized Imagery Exploitation System (MIES)

1. Purpose. Highlight MIES's current capabilities and TES (Main) Prototype implementation.

2. Facts.

     a. Background. MIES is a Corps and EAC tactical imagery exploitation system capable of receiving, processing, and disseminating national and theater imagery. The MIES provides first phase imagery exploitation for the Indications and Warnings (I&W) missions of Army users. The system provides IMINT reports and Secondary Imagery Dissemination (SID) through an extensive communications section. It travels with its own satellite communications (SATCOM) system that provides the relayed national imagery through the Defense Dissemination System (DDS). The MIES consists of three primary operational vans; a satellite communications van, a national segment van, and an exploitation van. Accompanied with its organic support equipment, power generators and maintenance vans, the MIES is capable of operating anywhere in the world without the need for local support resources. The three segment MIES is manned by ten personnel per operational shift and is run at the system high security level. The MIES is a modernized version of the system deployed to Saudi Arabia to provide imagery support to CENTCOM during Desert Storm. MIES is air and road transportable.

     b. Major Milestones. On 1 June 1997, the Imagery Exploitation Support System (IESS) was activated at the three operational MIES field sites. The integration of IESS and the MIES system is a major milestone in meeting the Common Imagery Ground/Surface System (CIGSS) migration goal of DARO. The IESS is one of several mandated core standards chosen by DARO to improve interoperability between DoD and National Intelligence systems. Planned upgrades to the MIES include installation and integration of Imagery Product Libraries (IPL's), COTS workstations and FDDI/ATM LAN's in FY98. When delivered, these new capabilities will be housed in a small tactical 31 foot van designed to be C-130 roll-on/roll-off for a rapid deployment capability. MIES will be CIGSS compliant at the completion of these upgrades. All planned MIES upgrades are intended to be directly applied to the Army's Tactical Exploitation System (TES). MIES will function as a TES (Main) prototype for risk mitigation until TES is fielded in FYOO.

     c. Current Status. There are three MIES. One supports the European U.S. Army Forces V Corps at Mainz-Finthen, Germany; one supports the XVIII Airborne Corps at Fort Bragg, North Carolina; and a third is fielded to the 513th Military Intelligence Brigade at Fort Gordon, Georgia.