SUBJECT: Advanced Electronic Processing and Dissemination System (AEPDS)

1. Purpose. To combine the Electronic Processing and Dissemination System (EPDS) and the

Enhanced Tactical User Terminal (ETUT) into one system that provides Corps and Echelon

Above Corps commanders timely intelligence collected by national, theater, and Corps sensors.


2. Facts.

           a. Background.

                   (1) The AEPDS combines the functions of the EPDS and the ETUT into one self-contained system. The AEPDS configuration is achieved by upgrading the existing ETUT systems with a miniaturized Data Acquisition System (MiDAS), S-band capability, and EPDS software functions. Once a unit's ETUT is upgraded into an AEPDS, the EPDS is defielded.

                   (2) The AEPDS is a C-130 transportable system that supports the Corps and Echelon Above Corps commanders by receiving, processing, correlating, integrating, and disseminating intelligence data collected by national, theater, and Corps sensors. The AEPDS supports close, deep, rear, and special operations by providing the ability to see deep into the battle area and by providing targeting, terrain, and ingress/egress information. The AEPDS interfaces with current intelligence and electronic warfare (IEW) processing and dissemination systems, including the All Source Analysis System (ASAS).

                   (3) The AEPDS consists of four UNIX-based, interchangeable analyst workstations. It has a Communications Subsystem Processor for message traffic (AUTODIN/MSE), UHF radio for receipt of intelligence broadcasts and satellite/line-of-sight communications, image and text printers, STU-III telephone, KY-68, and JWICS.

          b. Major Milestones.

AEPDS Fielding Schedule:

06/09/97-07/02/97 - 513th MI Bde, Fort Gordon, GA
06/09/97-07/02/97 - 201st MI Bde, Fort, Lewis, WA
07/08/97-08/06/97 - 525th MI Bde, Fort Bragg, NC
07/08/97-08/06/97 - 205th MI Bde, V Corps, Germany
07/29/97-08/27/97 - 504th MI Bde, Fort Hood, TX09/09/97-10/01/97 - 501st MI Bde, Korea

          c. Current Status. AEPDS fielding is proceeding on schedule.

          d. Issues: None.