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Tri-band SATCOM Subsystem (TSS)

The Tri-band SATCOM Subsystem (TSS) is a follow-on to the specialized transportable high-data-rate, X band, SATCOM terminals using 20-foot tactical antennas. The new TSS terminals features upgraded capabilities permitting operation on any military or commercial satellite in the C, X, or Ku-bands. The electronic systems will be housed in a 20-foot ISO shelter, accompanied by a trailer-mounted antenna system, and transportable by C-130, C-141, or C-5 aircraft. TSS will provide full duplex connectivity up to 256 Kbps, and a receive-only circuit of up to 6.2 Mbps.

The new TSS, while primarily designed to operate in the military X band, shall be capable of reconfiguration at a field site by its operational crew to either the commercial C or Ku-bands for operation with either U.S. domestic or international satellites. Specifically, it is capable of operation with NATO III and IV, SKYNET 4, INTELSAT, the European EUTELSAT, and the U. S. international common carrier PANAMSAT. TSS will be deployed with full redundancy and on-site spares and all band-conversion equipment. Upon site arrival a crew of four trained operators can deploy the system, including satellite acquisition, within two hours.

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