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Tactical Receive Equipment (TRE)

The AN/USQ-101(V) Tactical Data Information Exchange Subsystem Broadcast (TADIXS B) Tactical Receive Equipment (TRE) System receives, demodulates- decodes, decrypts, processes, and distributes TADIXS B broadcast contact reports.

There are seven versions of TRE: AN/USQ-101(V)1 U.S. Army TRE; AN/USQ-101(V)2 Single Channel US Air Force TRE; AN/USQ-101(V)3 US Navy Surface Ship TRE; AN/USQ-101(V)4 US Navy Submarine TRE; AN/USQ-101(V)5 US Marine Corps Team Transportable TRE; AN/USQ-101(V)6 US Navy Shore TRE; and AN/USQ-101(V)7 Dual Channel US Air Force TRE. Each of the configurations output the TADIXS B contact reports to either Tactical Data Processors (TDPs), display terminals, or other systems.

Related Programs

The existing or proposed Tactical Data Processors (TDPs) Systems, display terminals, and systems receiving TRE contact reports include:

Sources and Methods

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