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Tactical Electronic Reconnaissance Processing Evaluation System [TERPS]

California Microwave is upgrading the USMC's Tactical Electronic Reconnaissance Processing Evaluation System (TERPES) communications suite for the current TERPES as an outgrowth of "Desert Storm Lessons Learned". The improvements include an upgrade of TERPES computer systems to open architecture hardware and software to ease integration of existing and programmed capabilities. Software developed by California Microwave is integrated into an existing mapping and database environment to enhance system functionality. Recent TERPES upgrades include expanding user communication connectivity to include a secure interphone system, AUTODIN Mode I, TADIL A and TADIL B, and HF, VHF and UHF encrypted voice. These services provide operators with situational awareness of the battlefield and the ability to rapidly respond to changes in activity. The extensive TADIL-A and TADIL-B enhancements which California Microwave has added to TERPES have passed the Joint Interoperability Testing Center's interoperability testing on our first attempt. This accomplishment is a first for USMC programs. This modular software can readily be ported to other Government open architecture (e.g. UNIX Sparc workstation) systems.

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