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FAS Project on Intelligence Reform

Tactical Related Applications (TRAP) Data Dissemination System [TDDS]

Tactical Related Applications (TRAP) Data Dissemination System provides worldwide dissemination of high-interest ELINT, contact reports, and parametric information at the SECRET level.

TDDS is being integrated into the Integrated Broadcast Service approved by the ASD(C3I)in 1996. The IBS standardized protocols, with compatible hardware and software, were directed by the 1996 House Intelligence Bill. As a part of a larger Intelligence Systems Secretariat/ Intelligence Systems Board (ISS/ ISB) intelligence migration initiative to reduce the number of separate intelligence systems, the Broadcast/ Receive Working Group was formed in 1994 to examine the existing Ultra High Frequency (UHF) intelligence broadcast services and one emerging concept for combining the services (Binocular). The group's objective was to uncover and examine issues surrounding the potential combining of service functionality into a smaller number of services– functional re-dundancy, inefficiency, and impacts on the user; resource duplication; formatting issues; band-width contention and to make recommendations concerning concepts warranting further study.

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