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STREAMLINER is an automated communications system for the dissemination of SIGINT-derived special-intelligence message traffic. In mid-1976, technical training for Army operator and maintenance personnel for the STREAMLINER automated communications system began at Goodfellow AFB. Air Intelligence Agency CRITICOMM Support Facilities (CSF) are AFIC STREAMLINER communications operations that process critical intelligence message traffic and are tied into the Defense Communications System (DCS), the STREAMLINER system tied directly into the automatic digital network (AUTODIN). Remote CSFs are STREAMLINER remote operations that are operated by communications-computer operations personnel. Certain AIA remote CSFs are connected to Army or Navy STREAMLINER systems. CSFs are STREAMLINER sites connected to AUTODIN Switching Centers (ASC) over which predetermined categories of classified traffic may be transmitted. The CSF normally serves only the cryptologic community and in some cases they provide general service (GENSER) base communications support. All personnel who work in the CSF or remote CSF (operations, maintenance, systems control) must hold the highest access for which the CSF/COR is accredited; if accredited for GAMMA traffic, then the respective billet number must be approved for the GAMMA level.

Each STREAMLINER system (ALPHA and BRAVO) is used "on-line" on a rotating basis. HAMSTRUNG, FIREBOAT, and ST2D communications terminals will be limited in functionality to message processing with ABOVEBOARD software only. Once they have been connected to a STREAMLINER port, these devices may not be used off-line for any other purpose except for maintenance. STREAMLINER utilities include service directories (SD), journal tape retrievals (TR), traffic statistics (TS), tape recovery (TR), and message trace (MT).

This NSA system has been replaced by NEWSDEALER.

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