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FAS Project on Intelligence Reform


The Department of Defense (DOD), must reduce redundant development and support costs. It has designated a number of new systems and applications as Migration Systems to (1) provide the functionality of their predecessor systems and (2) provide new capabilities. This TO supports the development of a migration system. The DOD has spent hundreds of millions of dollars creating duplicative systems and infrastructures for different security levels. There is a requirement from all areas of intelligence analysis and support to transfer data between the compartmented level and the collateral level seamlessly without duplicative hardware, software and communications.

The Project PLATYPUS - National Migration System Secure Server Proof of Concept will test a trusted security server using a subset of the Foreign Material Management System (FORMMS) migration system as the test vehicle. The National Ground Intelligence Center (NGIC) has been designated as the executive agent for the FORMMS migration system. The FORMMS inventory subsystem is all secret collateral level data. It will allow foreign material functional managers and operators to input or browse data/information contained in the Foreign Material Inventory Database located on a secret collateral server. These users will be able to access the database for input from their TS/SCI client/server hardware located at their workspace via JWICS/INTELINK. The development of this system represents a major step forward in the DOD initiative of achieving an integrated and interoperable Defense Information Infrastructure (DII) Common Operating Environment (COE) and providing a Year 2000 (Y2K) compliant platform and application. Browse capability for all-source analysts and SIPRNET based intelligence analysts will be supported via the U.S. Navy Trusted Intelink Dissemination/Access Server (TIDAS) Project. The TIDAS Project methodology will be incorporated into Project PLATYPUS as part of the risk managed serviceability.

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