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FAS Project on Intelligence Reform

Near Real Time Dissemination (NRTD)

The Global Command and Control System Near Real Time Dissemination (NRTD) Interface allows the Near-Real Time Intelligence - General Service/Intelligence Support System (GENSER) (NRTIG) segment to take classified data gathered from national sources to generate, correlate, store and display tracks in the UB system. An ethernet TCP/IP interface to NSA and their permission for subscription to the data stream is required for access.

The Integrated Broadcast Service (IBS) brings together the legacy intelligence dissemination systems (TDDS, TIBS, TRIXS and NRTD) under a common data format and via a common dissemination architecture to provide timely dissemination of threat warnings and other perishable intelligence to the warfighter. IBS will develop a theater-tailored intelligence dissemination architecture that is interoperable with other dissemination systems, generates standardized messages, develops a standard family of radios (Joint Tactical Terminals (JTT) and Common IBS Modules (CIBS-M)), and allows for CINC generated tailoring of the broadcast within each theater.

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