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FAS Project on Intelligence Reform

NIMA Softcopy

The NIMA Softcopy program provides a softcopy exploitation capability for NIMA and Community imagery and geospatial analysts, including IDEX workstation replacement and additional workstations for approximately 2500 analysts at worldwide sites. NIMA Softcopy provides a complete softcopy system that includes a fiber optic ATM network, a storage system capable of retaining two years of imagery on line for NIMA analysis to access efficiently, and a fully integrated imagery data management system that combines the information of the NDS and the softcopy system on one or two terminals for imagery analysis and intelligence production.

The NIMA Softcopy program will procure, design, integrate, and deliver softcopy exploitation capability to NIMA imagery analysts and geospatial information analysts and to imagery analysts at 26 sites world-wide. The NIMA Softcopy development contract is expected to be awarded mid-1998 with completion by 2002-2003.

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