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FAS Project on Intelligence Reform

Modular Architecture for eXchange of Intelligence (MAXI )

The Modular Architecture for eXchange of Intelligence (MAXI ) system integrates, into a single operating environment, software which provides for generation, reception, storage, retrieval, and exchange of intelligence information through networks and processes, while imposing various levels of classification and handling restrictions.

The primary objective of MAXI is to provide users with an electronic interface to AUTODIN message traffic. Other major objectives include the following: (1) protection of classified and compartmented data in accordance with DIA Manual 50-4; (2) user access to other systems in the DoDIIS community; (3) tools for manipulating, saving, and retrieving data from user terminals; (4) a computer system configurable to multiple sites may have a wide range of processing requirements and (5) reliable operation with an ultimate goal of 24 hours per day, uninterrupted service and no loss of data if interruptions do occur.

MAXI runs on one or more PDP-11 host minicomputers. Users interface to MAXI via Workstations or dedicated terminals. Workstations connect to MAXI via a local or wide area network. MAXI terminals, which are directly connected to the PDP-11s by synchronous serial interfaces, may be OJ-389s or Delta Data 8260s. Front-end support for MAXI is provided by a CSP for AUTODIN message traffic and by NAS or PDP-11 based I2 software for global network access.

This system is being replaced by the Automated Message Handling System (AMHS).

Prime Contractor: Sterling Software

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