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FAS Project on Intelligence Reform

Multi-mission Advanced Tactical Terminal [MATT]

The Multi-Mission Advanced Tactical Terminal (MATT) is a miniaturized airborne qualified UHF receiver providing timely over-the-horizon threat data directly to tactical users at the Secret level. This information will enable airborne, fixed site and mobile MATT users to counter the threat through improved mission planning and threat warning during mission execution. MATT is a single unit terminal capable of simultaneously receiving and processing intelligence reports from Tactical Receive Applications (TRAP), Tactical Data Information Exchange System Broadcast (TADIXS-B), and Tactical Information Broadcast Service (TIBS). MATT includes embedded decryption, message processing, tactical data processing and interface processing. A correlation module is also available for those applications where it is necessary to track a moving platform. This capability provides the tactical user with the flexibility to operate in all tactical environments without equipment configuration changes.

Prime Contractor: Allied Signal Inc.

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