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JSIPS Tri-band Satellite Communications Terminal (SATCOM)

The JSIPS Tri-band Satellite Communications Terminal (SATCOM) is referred to as the Tri-band Field Terminal-Consolidated or TFT-C. The JSIPS will utilize the TFT-C as the interface to the Defense Dissemination System (DDS) and the front end to the Receive Segment (RS) or National Input Segment (NIS). The TFT-C is completely self-contained on an 18' x 8.8' trailer with three racks of electronic/communications equipment in an enclosure on the rear of the trailer. The antenna is 6.25 M in diameter or approximately 20 Ft. For air mobility, the TFT-C takes only three pallet spaces (one pallet is for spares) and weighs less than 14K lbs. The antenna and associated equipment allows operations within the C, X, and Ku frequency bands and is capable of receive bandwidth operations from 9.6 Kb/s to 8 Mb/s with planned expandability to 50 Mb/s. The TFT-C also supports a transmit/receive carrier capability of 2 Mb/s. The TFT-C has full redundant equipment hard wired into the system for immediate switch over in the event of a failed component. The TFT-C transmits and receives encrypted signals and therefore can be operated (black) at the unclassified level. The TFT-C can be remotely operated with a laptop computer via dial-up telephone line at 28.8 Kb/s from any where in the world and/or local ethernet connection via twisted pair or fiber at 10 Mb/s.



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