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FAS Project on Intelligence Reform

Joint Maritime Information Element (JMIE)

JMIE -- a consortium of U.S. government agencies from the law enforcement and intelligence communities -- has developed a consolidated maritime database. Consortium members are the Office of Naval Intelligence, Military Sealift Command, DEA, Department of State, Executive Office of the President's Office of National Drug Control Policy, Customs, Central Intelligence Agency, Coast Guard, Maritime Administration, Department of Energy, Defense Intelligence Agency, INS, and National Security Agency.

The system includes information on maritime-related law enforcement and national foreign intelligence data to meet members' operational missions, such as narcotics interdiction, smuggling, sea and defense zone surveillance, border control, petroleum traffic monitoring, and emergency sealift management.

Approximately 35 operational sites allow access to data sources that provide at-sea and in-port location information and characteristics on commercial and private vessels and vessel registration files for Florida, California, Delaware, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.

Sources and Methods

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