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Imagery Support Server Environment (ISSE) Guard

The DIA-certified Imagery Support Server Environment (ISSE) Guard, developed under contract to the Rome Laboratory, provides a secure interface for the direct softcopy exchange of information between Top Secret SCI systems and Secret Collateral systems operating over strategic and tactical wide or local area networks.

The Guard consists of the Common Guard Interface (CGI) application, hosted on high side users' workstations and the Guard application running on the B-1 certified CyberGuard Night Hawk platform. The Guard is a bi-directional guard supporting the high to low and low to high transfer of email and image files and the high to low transfer of text files. The ISSE Guard currently has two external interfaces: a high side ethernet (IEEE 802.3) interface and low side interface that can be either 802.3 or X.25 for connection to the TPN. The Guard provides the functionality required to securely connect, validate, downgrade and transfer information between systems and networks operating at different security levels, while the CGI provides high side users with an interface to the Guard.

The Imagery Support Server Environment Guard version 3.0 permits the secure digital exchange of electronic mail, imagery, text, and multimedia information between networks operating at dissimilar security classification levels. The system provides the ability to electronically connect networks operating at dissimilar security classification levels and supports the seamless, high-speed, controlled flow of information across security domains. This version provides significant increases in performance (an increase in throughput rate from 1.3 MB/second to 3.4 MB/second, a standards based open systems oriented Guard application, and a more stable and secure trusted interface.

The TENCAP Guard is a variant of the DIA-certified Imagery Support Server Environment (ISSE) Guard. In the Army TENCAP architecture, the TENCAP Guard provides the common interface to any Secret IP or packet switched networks (i.e., SIPRNET and TPN) for all fielded systems and supported fixed-site locations such as the MTOC. Future plans include hosting the Guard application on a Trusted Solaris platform and migration to DMS functionality.

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