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FAS Project on Intelligence Reform

Graphical Situation Display (GSD)

Graphical Situation Display (GSD) is a Military Intelligence Board directed program to address the commander's requirement for a timely, accurate, synoptic overview of the battlefield and to facilitate interoperability between the services in Joint Operation/Coalition Warfare. GSD uses Department of Defense Interface Standard Common Warfighting Symbology (MIL STD-2525A) which includes FM 101-5-1 Operational Terms and Graphics. GSD is not a system but a software package that can be integrated into existing hardware and software architectures. Key to this concept is the development of standard icon identifiers which, when presented to the GSD package on a user workstation, allow the creation of a standard military symbol. The GSD graphical information can be disseminated using the U.S. Message Text Format (USMTF) Graphical Report (GRAPHREP).

GSD is currently in its 2.0 release version and supports SUN, SOLARIS, and BP operating systems. GSD is Defense Information Infrastructure Common Operating Environment (DII/COE), and Global Command Control System (G-CCS) compliant. GSD is the symbology support segment for the Joint Mapping Tool Kit (JMTK), Joint Collection Management Tools (JCMT), Air Force Combat Information System (CIS) and Mission Planning System, Army All Source Analysis System (ASAS) , Army Maneuver Control System Block III (MCS), Army TENCAP systems, Defense Nuclear Agency Mission System, Army Medical Department Command and Control System, National Security Agency (NSA) and commercial/government off the shelf imagery electronic light table applications. GSD has been provided to over 160 DOD and service system acquisition programs, several Advance Concept Technology Demonstrations (ACTD) and government sponsored commercial programs for system development and integration. ASPO's GSD implementation of NIIL-STD-2525A symbology has been endorsed by the Military Communication Electronic Board (MCEB).

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